3.500 m² Closed-Area Production Facility

Our jacquard fabric factory works hard to serve you with stylish and durable fabric. Regardless of what it is used for, jacquard carries a piece of the elegance of classic weaving with high quality of modern knitwear process.

Jacquard is strong and unlike printed or stamped designs when it washed repeatedly for a long time, its patterns do not fade. Its high quality is good for your skin health.

As Vidore Textile, we offer you authentic jacquard fabrics that are directly into the material, not embroidered, printed, or stamped. Enjoy your real elegance and luxury!

Visiting Turkey? Let us know 2 days earlier and our professional team will guide you and welcome you through your visit.

Vidore Textile® is offering professionalism and quality to all clients in 70 different countries.

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